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Model exhaust sets, various scales


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Model exhaust sets, various scales
REXx Model Accessories
Available in the UK directly from Arrow Wolf
Price and release date to be announced




To be honest, I have been waiting to write a review of these incredible model accessories for some time now and have been biting my lip for so long that I think I have a new identifying feature. I once caught glimpse of a REXx product about a year or so ago and was intrigued by what I had seen .."Are those exhausts painted or are they really a metal of some sort" and "Are they the first of a 3D printed example?". None of the above! It took me ages to track REXx down but when I did I found a friendly, generous company who were willing to discuss their range and the manner in which they make their products.


REXx's exhausts are made by a process called "Sintering" which, as Wikipedia explains, is a method for creating objects from powders, including metal and ceramic powders. It's based on atomic diffusion which occurs in any material above absolute zero, but it occurs much faster at higher temperatures.


In most sintering processes, the powdered material is held in a mould and then heated to a temperature below the melting point. The atoms in the powder particles diffuse across the boundaries of the particles, fusing the particles together and creating one solid piece. Because the sintering temperature does not have to reach the melting point of the material, sintering is often chosen as the shaping process for materials with extremely high melting points.


Anyway, enough of the science stuff .. lets have a look at a sample of REXx's repertoire:


REXx produce these "bronze" exhausts for both Armoured subjects and, in the main, Aircraft ranging in scales from 1:72nd, 1:48th, 1:35th and also 1:32nd. With approx. 80 products, REXx is already has a nicely balanced range of subjects


Each example of REXx's products have the weight and feel of solid metal (albeit they are created from a powder) but are quite soft, especially around the openings of the pipes. That being said, they are quite easily re-shaped should it be needed but it would be best to treat them as you would some photo etch. Their robust appearance can quite easily fool you


RX35.002, 1:35th Scale KV-1/2 Exhaust Pipes – Universal. RRP US$6.90 / € 5.00 / £ 4.50


These pictures show the greatest, perhaps, example of the benefits with this manufacturing process, each of these exhaust pipes is completely hollow but yet still "solid" and complete with that gorgeous patina that aged metal takes on. Perhaps a little "soot" powder maybe required but as a replacement for the original .. sensational!











RX48.003, 1:48th Scale La-5FN – for Zvezda or Eduard RRP US$ 9.20 / € 6.60 / £5.50


Once again, you can see the benefits and cleverness of REXx. These Lavochkin La-5FN cylinder engined exhaust pipes are totally solid where hollowness isn't required and yet hollow when it is – extraordinary. And let's not forget ... this is in 1:48th Scale! Hardly the largest scale available.










And then we come to 1:32nd Scale.

For a number of months now, Arrow Wolf and forum/review site Large Scale Modeller ( http://www.largescalemodeller.com ) have been collaborating with REXx in order to produce a number of exhaust pipes to suit 1:32nd Scale aircraft, particularly Wingnut Wings. LSM's logo will appear on the individual packaging of the items where LSM were involved.




And the first of the new range of exhausts from REXx have started to show through :



RX32.006, 1:32nd Scale Fokker D.VII – for Wingnut Wings. RRP US$ 9.20 / € 6.60 / £5.50


Just look at the startling authentic nature of these exhausts, they leave no one in any doubt that they are made of "metal" and, so far as I've seen, not one exhaust of the same type matches another in terms of the patina pattern. Each looks as original as the next.











RX32.012, 1:32nd Scale Roland D.VIa – for Wingnut Wings. RRP US$ 9.20 / € 6.60 / £5.50


Yet another example of hollow pipes – I took some curved tweezers and one of the points went as far (before being stopped by its shape) as the second manifold pipe.








I think I could wax lyrical about these exhaust pipes forever and a day and yes, I do have a vested interest as UK Distributor but I honestly and truthfully believe that I would rave on about them anyway. The realistic and authentic nature of these exhausts mean that I rank them in the top three best things I've seen come to the modelling arena in many a year.

Do I recommend them? Oh wow!, Do I !!!




Our thanks go to REXx for supplying the review samples.


Grant Lovett


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Indeed, they really ARE amazing - as I said; they rate in the top 3 of the best after-market accessories to have come to modelling in the last oh, 20 years? Next to photo-etch and high quality resin, just my opinion BUT the range and potential for many other things is quite extraordinary.  Future items need not relate to aircraft or armour, it could spill over into many other aspects or genres of modelling.

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They do look very good.


I recall Moskit exhausts which must have been created the same way, I was always disappointed they folded, let's hope REXx manage to stay around and produce a good sized range...



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They do look very good.


I recall Moskit exhausts which must have been created the same way, I was always disappointed they folded, let's hope REXx manage to stay around and produce a good sized range...




Oh it's a big range already Matt, somewhere in the range of 90 products including 1:72nd and 1:48th.  I'll be publishing the list on Arrow Wolf very shortly.

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Oh my.....  I so wish these guys were around when I built my WNW Fokker D.VII.  Those exhausts look amazing.   I'll be checking back often to see if they have new ones, would love to see them release a set for the Bf-109.



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