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Marseille, The Star of Africa. Bf109 F-4Trop, W.Nr. 10137

Dave J

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Dave:  love it when projects get to this stage.  Something about the 78/79 schemes.  Watching with interest as she comes to life.


Thanks for the pigment info.  I've been looking for a good acrylic clear but might have to try the Alclad stuff.  Cheers, Ralph.

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Move right along... Oil wash was was done via my normal method with thinning down oil paints.. This was left to dry while I went out to a movie and dinner at my parents. Residue was removed with a paper towel.




I am trying out a few new products to weather the airframe...  I have been buying a few of the AK Interactive products, so I have picked up all the Africa Korps weathering related items... I started by brushing on the Filter over the upper surface and then using a paper towel, I blotted the towel over the painted surface to remove some of the filter. Then I repeated the process in the wing root/walkway area with the Africa Dust Effects, Summer Kurks Earth and Engine Grime..








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I used the same method on the under surfaces with the AK Interactive products, this time using AK Naval Salt Streaks, and engine grime for the oil streaks..







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As Jek Porkins would say.... All most there...


Just need to add the Pilot tube, Revi gun sight and the antenna wiring. Should have it completed tomorrow!









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Thanks Guys!


Sheez, that was quick!  You've embarrased me into getting off my arse and finishing something, maybe I'll have the 110 done by this weekend.


Monday was a Public Holiday, so I got most of Sunday and yesterday on it!

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