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P47D Razorback Trumpeter 1:32

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welcome to the forum and what an entrance!  very well done on your Jug.  the photo etch enhancements, weathering and added details are top.


those scratch built bazookas are the awesome!  would love to see WIP pics on these.


congratulations on a great finish to one of my favorite aircraft.  look forward to see more.

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Hello Jack and welcome!

Wow what a beautiful job. I was particularly interested in your wheel well and brake line detail as I'm planning on incorporating those details into my Ju88C-6 build.

Look forward to see more of your planes.

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Thank you for your  appreciation. My name is Jacek and I’m from Poland. Thunderbold is my favorite plane too.

Your forum is truly interesting and I’ll show you more of my work with a great pleasure. 

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Today I’m attaching a few pictures of making of P47.




this is really nice.  would love the build details on this.  basic materials list, especially the tubes. 


I am stealing this pic to use as reference for my M10 scratch build efforts.  this is excellent engineering, bravo.

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The bazooka launcher is made with a thick aluminium foil (the barbecue one). I wound two layers of foil on a rod (of course a rod had an adequate diameter) and that’s how I made a tube. These two layers are glued with a Microscale Metal Foil Adhesive glue. The rest of it is made with the same material. The element is soft and gives great effect with wiping it through the metal. I always try to use common materials, for example: the pilot seat is made with lamella from a can of beer, belts are made with a waste paper, which has a large content of cotton – you can emboss a texture on it.

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