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He-111H3 ARR (Royal Romanian Aeronautics) WWII

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 Hello friends,

I want to introduce the latest model built by me for a friend. It is made ​​almost entirely out of the box, with few exceptions (modified engines, other exhausts). Completly riveted. I used masks and a decal for badge registration group. The aircraft was flown by Ion Profir. Ion Profir was, perhaps, the best romanian bomber pilot, in WW2. He flew a He-111 H3 from the first to the last day of the war. He took part in the Axis campains at Basarabia, Odessa and most of all, Stalingrad. He used a new bomber plane fighting technique, turning his heavy He-111 toward the fighters that attached him, and so making them disengage the fight in order to avoid collision.
After the war he managed to escape from comunist Romania, with a stolen plane to Turkey. He died in Paris, sad as he saw the world not paying him the respect he deserved.







More pictures can be found here:












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