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Things to do in the UK....

Dave J

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So I am heading to the UK in the next couple of months with the family in tow...


We are going to be based in Leeds while we are there, and I am looking at somethings to do and check out while we are there... Please keep in mind that I will have 2 boys under 10 and a toddler with me.


We are doing 3 days in London, when we arrive...


So far on the list is -


Imperial War Museum

RAF Museum

The Oldest Candy Shop.

Big Ben, London Bridge etc..


Any other suggestions for London and where ever else will be greatly appreciated...


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Hey Brad, I'll take our real ales over Fosters or XXXX or the other rubbish you send us! Hasn't rained on the right days this summer for your cricketers either.


Did try thinning some paints with IPA but over here that's India Pale Ale so didn't end well.


Dave, if you have the time or opportunity I can recommend a jaunt up here to Scotland - some of the best scenery on Earth but lots of rain!



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Hi Dave,


If you do decide to drive up to Edinburgh it's worth a trip to the Museum of Flight at East Fortune which you'd drive by.


They have one of the remaining Concordes plus a nice Jaguar and lots of other cool stuff.



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visit Cambridge / Oxford / or Bath


the first two for the university architecture - you will see nothing like it anywhere (I mean anywhere)


Cambridge is smaller, prettier and I think the Eagle pub in centre of town has a room out back dedicated to WWII airmen - lots of crew wrote their names in soot on the ceiling with candles etc, and they preserved it all with lacquer

you can also go punting - done it lots in Cambridge round 'the backs' (backs of the colleges)


Bath - stunning Georgian architecture and small enough city that you and family can get around it on foot

home to a top rugby team as well (i am biased!)


Scotland...hmmm - you've got all that scenery where you are and more

go there if you like whisky or a bitter people that hate the English


if you have time to spare happy to have a beer with you in my local - you can inspect the He111 prop blade that hangs on the wall...


have a great trip!

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