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Bronco 1:35 Fieseler Fi-103 RE-4 Reichenberg - DONE


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Hi All,


Throwing my hat into the ring with this "Wonder Weapon".....On it's way as we speak. Buzz Buzz Buzzzzz........dead silence..........BOOM!






You can almost read their thoughts....."Cor Blimey....those mad Jerries....."




Dan M

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Suicide Doodlebug update - construction done, in primer. 100% OOTB on this one, I did think about adding some extra detail here & there, but will save that effort for if I decide to do another V1 down the track....The trolley had some tubing hollowed out, but that's about it.






I even found a camo scheme I like...although on an unmanned "blunt nose" V1 -




Interesting caption with the photo -


"Corporal W. Grundy of Semaphore, South Australia standing beside a captured Fieseler Fi 103, FZG 76 at Laverton, RAAF base, Victoria, Australia"


I wonder where it is today....my guess, reincarnated as a Hyundai or similiar.....


Next up, paint on!




Dan M

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Another small update gents,


Belly/sides finished in a mix of RLM 76 (XF23 Blue + White + XF-19 Sky Grey) after having a quick chat with R.Riese this morning, clearcoated in Tamiya X22, allowed to dry off then hit with a couple of coats of hairspray. Plan being, to have the green sides & top chipped/scratched/scuffed having the RLM 76 peeking through (as per pics I'm working off) via the "hairspray technique".


Also added some wear & tear to the belly with Buff & gunze Chocolate - the idea being this beast has been lying around for quite some time... After doing a spot of reseach it appears the V1's were mainly made of rolled steel sheet. Time for armour-style weathering!


Some of the panel lines appear sanded flat - rest assured, they're still there, they should pop straight back out when the washes are laid on.




Jim - Ummmm........I must confess, I don't think I did any "in progress pics".....whoops.....only a dozen or so parts in this girl, I forgot that bit! :rolleyes:


Next up - camo on.....itching to lay some weathering on!




Dan M

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I have built this exact kit. Nice fit and detail is ok-ish. But if you place it alongside the very accurate HPH version.... It is way undersized. About 2 cm shorter.


This is a link to my old Bronco build:




The difference between 1/35 and 1/32?....

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Another Doodlebuggin' update.....


Main colours on - the greens appear far brighter than in the flesh. Gunze colours used for the RLM 81 BraunViolett wings, 82 HellGrun fuslelage & 83 DunkelGrun nose/warhead. Pulse jet tubing end overlaid with several layers of Tamiya flesh, tan, grey etc to simulate "test firings".....perhaps just a tad of artistic licence again.... ;)








Next up - the best bit. Chipping, washes, filth etc etc.......




Dan M

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