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WNW Albatros DV FINISHED !!!

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Hi All thanks for the kind words on my 1st post very humbling, ok the wiring is 0.2 on spark plugs and interruter gear just i wrapped it tight around some 26awg tin copper the wood grain is still WIP as i have only done the pieces you see above plus a few tester bits, i have never done wood before and i am a bit impatient so oils where a no no for me i still dont know how you guys do it some fantastic results, so when i can give facts to back this effect up you will be the 1st to know i can say two mixes one base and one top where used and i havnt had time to mix them again but i am going to have a crack at a couple of props this weekend using this effect so will post the results as soon as its dry about 1 hour hehehe.....

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Hi all quick update  had ago at the prop today a wolff again my 1st wooden prop and my 1st 32 anything really enjoying this kit


Its all hand painted using my wood effect method its nearlly done i have taken a step by step photo log of me doing this and will post here if interested


i took a few pictures  i am still working on the coating on coat 4 now and have got rig of the slight silver on one of the decals so will up date when finished complete still learning..... enjoy


its a base coat mix then a top coat(mix) the top coat is built up to darken for the darker wood only two paint mixes where used






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Gawd!  Take it off the foam and it'd look like the real thing.


I do think this is the best rendition of wooden prop I've ever seen, I don't say that lightly either.  Think it looks more like scale wood than the real wood props I've seen...  Are you an artist/graphic designer or just extremely talented (or both).


Pleasure to watch this work unfold.


Matt (very envious of your results).....


PS - yes - would be very interested in seeing blow by blow account of how you achieved this finish.

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Whoa, Darren ! that's just superb.  I agree with two things said earlier. 1) If the foam wasn't there you'd think it was the real thing and ... 2) We all would love to see a step by step explanation 

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Hello all,

As promised a quick SBS of my prop using my mixes its easy to do and in the future i will be sharing this technique with the modelling fraternity but at this moment in time i am developing the techique/process and looking at its market potential any feed back regarding this please send me a pm, well pictures tell a 1000 words........


Base mix


Wolff prop sourced and pattern drawn on


Not sure about this bit WIP you get the idea... some extra grain added


one coat of top mix applied and worked with a few strokes to even out colour


at this point not sure this "wood" work lol adding more top coat to darkern mahogany ply




bit of rework


Finished tonight





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Wow, just off the hook!  I think I'd be inclined to more WWI stuff if you guys weren't doing this type of work and giving me a major inferiority complex!  I'll just go back in the corners and play with my 109's....

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