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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

HK 1/32 B-25J - the Bomber - To Russia with Love

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Hi All,


Here is my entry into this fine contest. It will be the HK 1/32 B-25J in Soviet colors. In addition to the base kit I will be using Eduard Cockpit etch, Brassin wheels,Eduard fabric seatbelts and proper seats along with their canopy mask. I will be using the Profimodeller gun barrels and nose weight. Not pictured but ordered are Maketar Red Star masks, and Authentic decals. These decals are 48th Scale and I will upsize them in Photoshop and either cut masks or use the decals. Not too much available for reference, but found a couple of photos that are represented by the Authentic decals. If anyone has any reference info it would be much appreciated.


Here's some photos.





and here are drawings of the two aircraft. I haven't decided yet which of these I will do.






Really looking forward to this build!




JC Osborne

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Thanks guys! Started assembling the bomb bay module. Really like the way the kit instructions are presented in a modular fashion. Should help speed building.


The only discomfort I have in this build is a relative lack of good reference resources. I did find a good VVS Lend lease site but that and a few B&W shots is about all there is. I'm a little skeptical about the use of British Dark Earth in the scheme as the B-25J's were painted in the U.S. and rarely overpainted in the USSR... why the would have an RAF color is baffling. Earlier model C's and D's that came thru the UK I can understand, but not these J's.


I'll continue to search, but in the end I may use the US version of Dark Earth. If anyone has a reference for this I'd appreciate it.

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Unfortunately, I'll never get this done in time. Recent auto accident is limiting my bench time. I'll recover over time, but not in time for this contest.


Good luck to all the other competitors! Some great builds out there.





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