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HK Models B-25J-1 "Old Ironsides III" (Diorama Finished)

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On with the first part of texturizing and weathering the NMF...




First step, sanding back rivets and cleaning up the surface, when done, fading it with Alclad white/polished aluminium...




Next step - Salt mask, when dry, alclad aluminium of different shades...




Salt rinsed off and a couple of panels have been picked out and 'dusted' with Alclad dark aluminium...




The subtle patina and texture of the NMF..

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very nice

working on my own HK B25 now

1) do you (? & others if anyone wants to chime in) mix & airbrush the Mr Surfacer prep coat or do you spray it straight from the rattle can?

2) did you seal/protect the alclad finish with a clear coat before applying the huge insignia masks? I'm really worried about tearing up the underlying paint when I remove them...

Thanks in advance



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The work continues on the 'Old Ironsides III' diorama...




Diorama base: 60 x 60 cm board + 10mm polystyrol...

Embankments from the debris clearing the stands on two of the edges...

Everything is covered with a thin layer of modelling clay DAS/FIMO.




To create the surface, fine 'bird sand' and cat litter is used, glued down with thinned white glue.






Wheels from different vehicles and aircraft tyres is used to make tracks + footprints, a lot of footprints!




Dirt road in the corner...

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Thanks Cees, fortunately the house pet is a Cairn Terrier, so I think I'm safe there?


And yes I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on this project, and It has been quite the ordeal.

The learning curve has been steep, with a lot of things I haven't done before, a lot of trial and error.... 


But when I look back half a year, this kit was lingering on the 'shelf of Doom' only to be saved by this contest,

and the inspiration of the work of all you guys!!



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Canopy and nose glass finished... Nose hatch removed + opening of the cockpit side windows...




Wasn't impressed with the Eduard escape hatch, so a scratchbuild one to resemble the real thing a bit closer...

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