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HK Models B-25J-1 "Old Ironsides III" (Diorama Finished)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nice to get to work on the 'outside' after being 'trapped' in the interior for months!

So work commences on the cowlings and engines.


I started with the Eduard after market PE parts for the cowling...






The engine cowling flaps are very nice, but I am very disapointed with the cowl formers, they does'nt look like the real ones at all!




So I had to scratch some in plastic card, to get them right...




Mucho better...


As I want to display the engine open for inspection, I had to make the firewall/bulkhead behind the engine as it is lacking some details.




Next task is to assemble the engines with added ignition cables







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Coming along real nice. Love all those PE parts as it sure will make a huge difference in the end. Btw, totally dig the interior, but it's a shame quite a bit of it will be hard to see once all closed up. Still totally awesome man and I'm taking notes ;)



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Great work KK,

Although those propblades look a bit thick still, or is it lense distortion.

I had to cut down the propblades on the Beaufighter and even after a lot of work it seemed they

still looked too thick. It's a hell of a job I know, but the end result will be very much more realistic.


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Needed some time off from the micro parts of the engines.


Decided to work on a M5 Bomb Trailer for the B-25J-1 "Old Ironsides III" diorama project.




A capture from 'Training During Combat' - M5 Bomb Trailer with 100 lb Practice bombs...




Framework started working on the trailer bottom roughing the plasticard with sandpaper tp give it a wooden texture + boltheads...




Bottom frame done, main wheels from my stash, front wheel 'turned' a mold and cast in resin...




Tread added to the tyres...




Base for the rails made from balsa wood...




Leaf springs and front wheels... Nuts & Bolts from Meng...




Wooden mold for 100 lb Practice Bombs, copies cast in resin. Details and fins added individualy...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Time for a little update...


Been putting the wings and engine nacelles together, sanding and priming of most parts.


Only remaining assembly is the fuselage...


Assembly of the landing gear is now complete, the main gear struts have been drilled and reinforced with steel rod for better stability.

Painting and weathering of the landing gear and Eduard Brassin tyres...




Decided to do some 'heavy' airfield dust weathering of the tyres. As far as I know, Corsican airfields didn't have any tarmac, only some service areas with 'Marsden matting'.




Conditions at Alesani Airfield...




Front landing gear with the very distinctive hub cover of 'Old Ironside III' - Profimodeller's towing rig, attached to nose wheel landing gear...




Main Wheels and landing gear...

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