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It's a Corsair Jim. But not as we know it......

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Hi Everybody. Allow myself to introduce......uh, myself.


I'm brand new to this forum and i have completed exactly ONE large scale aircraft model.





Presented for your review is my 32nd scale Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage kit, built to depict the very first Goodyear- Manufactured FG-1 Corsair. I went from a gathering of pretty good, but unattributed photos, plus some excellent shots found in the AJ Press/ Kagero book on the Corsair. The closest i can narrow the time frame down to is about June of 1943.






The model features Barracudacals cockpit placards and stencils, and Barracudacast resin Goodyear "Slick" tyres. Model is painted with a combination of Model Master enamels (interior),






Tamiya fine white surface primer and Mr Color acrylic lacquers, Heavily adjusted for scale effect. Exterior stencils are from the Tamiya decal sheet, but the National Insignia were painted on using Mal Mayfield's Miracle Masks.







Finally, i used the G-Factor Brass antenna post and pitot tube,




















I'm not very good with weathering, so the intent is to depict the aircraft fresh off the assembly line, out of the paint hangar. My apologies to those who've seen this model before, but if anyone has any questions i'm happy to answer them.





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Hi David, welcome! Very nice Corsair! Was the gradual shift from white to sea blue your intention? I know that there were aircraft who indeed flew with this very soft graduation!




Hi Erik,

Yes that was exactly the intention, and exactly why i chose this particular subject. The way Goodyear transitioned the colours is a bit different from the way Vought did it, and the national insignia was located farther forward on the fuselage. White bars were eventually added, but in the beginning, it was roundels only.


And i can tell you getting that blended transition was NOT easy. But it was worth it.


Thanks for the good vibes!



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Great looking bird, and a superb kit too. 


Birdcage always looks more rugged to me. 

People either love or hate the Birdcage Corsair, i think because the heavily framed canopy reveals its prewar origins.


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Not to mention the fabric covered outer wings and wooden ailerons. But a classic type altogether.


Yes, the Vindicator, Kingfisher, Corsair and the SeaWolf are a study in contradicting construction techniques and engineering philosophies. But it was all done for a reason. And it worked. Granted, Chance Vought engineers were sometimes a little too clever by half...



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  That is a very nice Corsair, and with that brand new look it looks great.  I have not build a model with the "Factory fresh" look, but after seeing yours I would like to give it a try.



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Thanks Paulo,


I decided that, with one exception, i will try to build my 32nd scale subjects in "Factory New " condition.


Why? Because i SUCK at weathering. Am looking forward to the HpH 32nd scale Helldiver.....



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