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Gloster Meteor Mk.III

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After quite some time tihis is my first finished project for this year! I converted HK Models Gloster Meteor F.3 into an earlier MK. III late series. The difference were the old style long outer wingpanels that I made from scratch. Unfortunately I cut too early in the building stage and realized that I might have just cut away the wingtips and not as I did the whole panel right outside of the engine nacelle. For the late Mk. III the engine nacelles could be retained as they were already the long nacelles of the derwent. Some minor iprovements were added to the cockpit including a new seat. I used xtracolors for the camouflage and WEM-tyre black for the cockpit. All Markings were painted using self made masks that were cut with a silhuette portrait cutter.

Just to mention it: The model is only finished 99,8% as I ran out of transparent paint for the wingtip navlights. This will be remedied soon. 




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Here is a picture taken during the build. I repaced the complete outer wing panel by a scratchbuilt one, but have to state that I now consider it not neccessary. New wingtips and new ailerons should be sufficient. At least my next Meteor - already on the bench - will be built like this.  Further I made intakte ducts from sheet styrene. 



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