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Hobby Boss Spitfire MkVb Kit 83205. Finished 24/05/2013

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Hello to Everybody.

As we have a brand new Forum over here ,I decided to show some WIP progress on the Hobby Boss Spitfire Mk.Vb.

To change a little bit from what we see on the Forum (Many Messerschmitt and WW1 birds) I had a little work on this Spit.

I started this one some months ago, lost somme pieces and had trouble fitting the Eduard stuff in the pit, and put it back in the box.... for better times.

This time has come now and as I don't want to start a new kit (more) I will firstly finish those I had started before....

That's why I don't participate on the actual GB and will not participate on the next one.

So, enough words, here are somme pics:



Here the interior of the bottom wing. I put everything inside, painted it. As I decide to close all the panels it must not be done......



Another view of the wing the cannons and MG's. Those where painted Mat Black (Gunze). When dry, I dry brushed somme Graphite powder.



Another view of the wing. I brushed a little dark earth pigments from CMK in the middle part of the wing, as it can be seen from the cockpit.



The upper part of the wing showing the Eduard parts put in place.



Left side of the pit, with Eduard stuff. The green color is H312 from Gunze.


IMG_5123_zps2afa03fd.jpgRight side of the pit with Eduard parts. it is not completely finished, needs some touch up.


IMG_5124_zps5db4068d.jpgAnother view of the right side.

The engine is assembled following the instructions, no detailing done as  all the panels ail be closed.



Everything is test fitted 









I also test fitted the wings on the Fuselage and a there is a small gap all along the fuse/wing part on the both sides.

Another pic:




So here I am so far.

Will close everything, glue it and then the more pleasant part of the job........ P A I N T I N G !!!!!!

Thank you for looking.

Hope you like it.

Questions, C.C.C always welcome.

Have a nice Eastern end of W.E.




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nice one Jamme


i did an extensive review of this kit back on SPR




interesting that it can be argued this kit is pretty much on a par with the Eduard 109 - looks like a Spitfire, but has some shape and some detail issues - and yet this kit is generally looked down upon


i hope the review might be of use, and look forward to seeing more of this!



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Hello Nick and George.

Thank you for looking and for the nice comments.


Nick: I remember reading your review on SP&R.

Will read it again with much pleasure.

I agree it's not a Tamygawa kit, but I have to say it's nice to build, and most important ...... I have fun.

I also remember many people on different Forums put this kit down in flames.

What a pity.



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Hi Harv and Bluebottle.

Thank you for the Comments.


It's a really nice kit, I have fun building it.

It'd not 100% correct but it looks as a Spitfire, that's enough for me.



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Delighted to see this Jamme, I have this in my stash and think it's a bargain for what you get.  I agree wholeheartedly with Doogs.  HB and Trumpeter are perfectly fine kits that some of the "experts" have jumped on for some reason ... perhaps because they're not Tamiya.


Have you decided what you're going to do about the tail planes? (i.e. one side riveted and the other side - the incorrect side - fabric)

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Hi Jim.

Well now you will see one.

I'm sure the Eduard Spit will be great (I've seen a test shot in Nurenberg, back in Februry) but 1/32 is the (for the moment) scale !

I didn't understand that Eduard did her in 1/48.

Thank you for looking, Jim.



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I didn't understand that Eduard did her in 1/48.


Well, way back a few years ago they actually had the 1/32 version mentioned in newsletters, then Tamiya showed them how the game is to be played ;)


Great looking progress btw Jamme - looking forward to seeing more!

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HI Rick.

Thank you for the really nice comment.

Be careful with the Trop version. There are some (minor) inaccuracies.


Look here, nick made a very good review of the Trop version:




Anyway, I repeat, its a nice kit, forgotten bin modelers.




Thanks Jamme.


I have Nick's review downloaded and I feel I can live with the minor errors but will address the stabilizers, prop and wheels.  That will be close enough for me.


Look forward to see your updates on this build.

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Hello Guy's,

Here is a little UP.

The plane is "in cross" as we say in French.

Have just begun to sand everything flat and it is almost ready to paint (Pictures this W.E.)

In the meantime, I made the masks for this Spit.

I'm using a "Silhouette" program and machine.

Here a picture from the screen with the components drawn.

I didn't made the code letters as I didn't receive any answer in an other post where I was asking what font the English used.

Those will be the decals kits:



Somme pics of the Silhouette machine:







I tried to made a picture of the masks, but it was very bad and you don"t see the cut.

I already used the small circles to put on the wheels and painted the tires.

Pictures of it tomorrow.

Thank you for looking.

CC comments and questions always welcome



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Have you tried the Key Publishing Forum? In the historic section are a lot of people who work on these

Aircraft including paint, Steve V is one of them, you usully get a good reply fast.


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Thank you Cees.

Will have a look for sure !


Thank you George.

The "Silhouette is a really nice machine. Bought it 2 years ago for the daughter. She was interested in Scrapbooking.........Never used it !

So I took it for me. 

I Leaned to use it to make masks for the Hobby!



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