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One for fun and nostalgia : Matchbox 1/72 Boeing P-12E


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This one was built as part of a friendly challenge with my buddies with whom we used to meet once a month and have a good dinner and talk kits.

For the Christmas dinner, we had chosen a "Matchobox challenge" theme. The idea being to build one of the kits we bought and built as kids or teenagers. The theme was triggered by one in the group being offered to buy the collection of one elderly gentleman.

I chose one of their best : the Boeing P-12E. The key reason is that you cannot have too many yellow-winged :)

It was good fun. As per my usual (bad) habits, I detailed the cockpit :wallbash:. It is already very often a futile exercise in 1/32, but in 1/72, this is totally preposterous :)

The rigging was done using Uschi Van der Rosten's "ultrafine" elastic wire.

I hope you will like this one.



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13 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Superb, my days of 72nd are well gone......congrats 

I can tell you that after this one, I tried building the Matchbox Hawker Fury (their very first, judging by the number PK0001).

Unfortunately, one of my cats decided to play with some parts, and I then stepped on the cabane struts. I never managed to redo properly the broken part, and ended up binning the kit in sheer frustration. That was the end of my nostalgia trip to teeny weeny scale :) .

Now, if I want to do a Fury, I’ll have a go at my 1/32 Montex kit. 


PS: the cat still loves playing with the parts on my bench. He redid the carpet-dropping trick with my lovingly-built frame for one of my Gee-Bees. The frame, although sturdy, did not withstand my 20+ stone stepping on it :( . She has also chewed a Fisher Cutlass cockpit. I have learned storing works-in-progress in closed plastic boxes. The cat was in fact just trying to educate me in maintaining an orderly bench :D

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