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The USMC got tired of complaints, so they made a sky penis


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There are those civilians who hate the military. They have nothing better to do with their time but to monitor, track, and trace amilitary flight operations via the various GPS flight aware tracking programs and report every transgression, no matter how minor.

So, two enterprising Marines took it upon themselves to send an unforgettable and unmistakable message to the losers out there.



Of course, one the civilians complained about the “sky penis”, these two Marines, who, according to their Commanding Officer, displayed extremely precise navigation and airmanship skills, were temporarily reassigned to very important ground operational needs for the time being.

Lift one high for these two lads. I’m mighty proud of them.  :rofl:

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13 hours ago, RoseManningo said:

This is really very funny. I wonder if those people who make such jokes are punished. In the army, in my opinion, everything is very strict. I wonder how much time they spent trying to do this. Sorry, I'm very interested in everything.

Back around 1976 when my Dad was the NCOIC of the 437th Mobility Branch (USAF) one of his Combat Controllers did a parachute jump over a practice field naked. Nothing but his jump boots and a parachute.  The joke backfired when he broke his leg on his rough landing.  They never let him live that one down.  But the guy had to get carried to the hospital in the ambulance wearing his boots and just a sheet covering him.  

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