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NAMES UNDER XH558's WING...Harvey and recon .....

MARU 5137

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Hello Gentlemen...

The Vulcan XH558 is probably a little special to many British Aviation enthusiast.. But now  it becomes Special to people like Harvey and recon (Mike) (and Mikes Father who was stationed in England during WWII ) and apart from MY own name under the XH558's wing; Harvey,and Bev his lovely wife and Mike and his Dads names are under the Vulcans Wing. I do believe the names are inscribed in Gold forever to remain there.

AND each person got an official  Certificate  too.:respect:

Harvey and recon can tell you their names if THEY desire but let's just say Those that know Harvey should look under "BO" and recon under "RE".


Names Under the Wing 25th Anniversary Plaque - Vulcan To The Sky






And THANK YOU to Mikes FATHER too for HIS SERVICES. God Bless him.:respect:

Enjoy seeing your names under the Vulcans Wing.




MARU 5137..





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On 1/20/2019 at 3:23 PM, Martinnfb said:

 hmm, so there is still a chance to grab a golden sharpie and sneak by the hanger security ? :)


That is kind of funny, the dog looks so dejected....... BUT dogs are people too.... love it, lots of dogs... I saw a sign that said, "Dogs welcome, people tolerated" ! I'd love to get a sign like that......

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