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1/32nd Oil Bowser

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I know its not an aircraft but its certainly not an AFV but it does relate to the 32nd Lancaster that I intend to build once the workbench is clear, (one needs a lot of space )




I have also built some engine trestles to compliment the Lancaster build

Thanks for looking in





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I scratch built it from a sketch and measurements that I had drawn on a sheet of paper done in the early 1980's. Along with numerous photographs.

The wheels I got from an overseas producers , I had to modify the hub, they are the correct diameter overall but the wheel/tyre ratio is slightly out but despite this I think it looks the part.

If you are not aware, I scratch built some engine trestle and just completing a 32nd Nissen hut, again they are constructed from drawings of measurements taken from the real thing along with photographs. I have also done some wheel chocks. (I intend to display my HK Lancaster on a small diorama).

I have built the Tamiya 35th Austin Tilly, converted to a Hillman Tilly, and in the final throws of the IBG 35th Bedford QL.

You can purchase a 32nd Trolley acc. from IconicAir and I believe he is going to produce some bomb trolleys and a David Brown tractor ???


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Talking of the David Brown tractor kit mentioned above kinda sent me rushing to my photo album to copy this here  . . . 

The OIL bowser in tow with the Iconicair DB tractor  . . . completed September 2020


and the completed DB tractor pulling a set of bomb trolleys (scratch-built) 


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