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Wingnut Wings Kit part E47

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When I received in 2007 the Roden Fokker Dr.1 in scale 1/32 in my hands , my modeling world was back in order.
For two whole years.
Then, Wingnut Wings stormed the market with four models.

I immediately ordered the LVG C.IV.

A short time later (well, after all, almost four weeks later) I held this kit in my hands.

Since I had an Roden Albatros D.I in work, I put the gigantig beautiful LVG aside.

Some time later (in April 2010), the WNW Albatros DV landed in my home.

Wonderfully moulded plastic parts were in the package. Four, yes FOUR! top grade quality propeller, a great detailed Mercedes engine, etched parts and a huge decal sheet.

Plastic part for plastic part, I examined under the magnifying glass. Each part was nicer as the other ..........................
Then I discovered plastic part E47, ---- the barograph.
WOW, this part was not included in any kit until then.


I grabbed a small pair of pliers and a file.  The barograph was carefully removed from the plastic sprue.

.................. and then grabbed me by the madness. :wacko:

And in the end was not the LVG and not the Albatros my first finished built WNW kit,
...............my very first finished Wingnut kit was a simple kit part, the kit part E47, the barograph.
Here it is.............................




















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