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Fokker DVII(Alb) is done.

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My Fokker is finished. The ONLY thing I see wrong with these kits is that they are so delicate. Things like the rudder, tailplane and undercarriage have such fine attachment points. Probably because WNW did such a fine job with detail and accuracy. But it has a slight detrimental effect when it comes to handling and maybe longevity. But why am I bitching? I shouldn't be.


Here she is,thanks to no rigging to speak of. I hope you like her.








I don't know how this picture got rotated.











Oops, I missed a spot. That must be fixed.








Thanks for viewing. Any critiques and advice is greatly appreciated and welcome.



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Well done Paul a fantastic bit of modelling your decal work is excellent and the seat shot great!

I have started the wing decals on my Alb. hope to get them as good as yours.

Use a hair dryer, not decal solution. Dave J recommended it. Works like a charm.



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Thanks gentlemen, this was a very enjoyable build. A couple of mistakes toward the end, mostly from handling. These kits are very delicate once assembled. I should have waited till the very end to add the tailplane and rudder and rigging since these got damaged from handling near the end. DO NOT necessarily follow the instructions on these kits, page by page I mean. I like what Doogs said about WW1 kits being a different animal when it comes to assembly and painting. I actually painted both halves of the fuse before putting together since masking everything for painting after assembly would have been a real pain in the arse. A whole different learning curve with these kits.



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Hi Paul,

That looks mighty fine! Very nice.

May i just make one little suggestion? I would probably one add a small pinwash in the prop bolts as a finishing touch!




Yeah, that does stand out, doesn't it? Thanks!

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