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OK all of you math and U.S. Gear Wizzards: a Question


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Hi Guys,

    I have a bunch of Master Barrels .50 cal barrels in 1/48 scale that I'll never use.  And I need 4 .30 cal barrels (in 1/32 scale) that in photographs look identical to the .50 cal barrels.  Mathematically, how far are the two apart?


Thanks for your thoughts!



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.50 inches in 1/48 is 0.0104 inches  (0.5/48)

0.0104 inches equates to .333 inches in 1/32 scale (0.0104*32)

Keep in mind that's bore size, not OD. As long as the length is OK, I'd run with it.

A true 30 cal bore in 1/32 would be .009375 inches

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