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does this have any use?

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Thanks Jeff, very interesting. I'm always in the hunt for some more 'esoteric' subjects, I browsed the Spanish WWII page and whoops found some great stuff there.

This one, a Schneider with the fitting decals and Spanish conversions is already in my stash.

Bildergebnis für fc modeltips schneider

picture only for illustration purposes


Cheers Rob

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Thanks guys, I'm always a little apprehensive to post stuff like that, for the thought I am way behind the times..... so yesterday I went into the stash, and dug out the very old Tamiya Jeep kit.....I had a little after market stuff, and one thing I had forgotten was I have a set of decals for it......  'Quartemasterdepot' decals... apparently long out of business I guess eh? Does anyone know or remember these guys? Some Canadian armor subjects....

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