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1/35 Tamiya Tiger 1, Radio Controled

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This is a kit that was build as a RC replica for a friend of mine. About 15 years ago, before the cell phones and social media completely took over.F1000009.thumb.JPG.3a112f086250bb37cdcf31cf7a6b83af.JPGF1000012.thumb.JPG.8a859a8586c668c299aa5093460ca74a.JPGF1000012.thumb.JPG.8a859a8586c668c299aa5093460ca74a.JPGF1000011.thumb.JPG.3b34700da885428ffe1b3ba659a89bac.JPGF1000016.thumb.JPG.a33025940c834d147ecd8c4584a25c43.JPGF1000015.thumb.JPG.afa55b09b87450508c6b2ef320d05bbe.JPG

It's crazy how the time flies. Pictures taken with my old Nicon SLR. 







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Thank You Phil, this was build soon after I moved to Canada with only few basic tools, some paint, chalk, salt and graphite. No aftermarket and again it is an RC model so the tracks are rubber and the actual antenna is a functional one :). Those were the times when model-building was fun.:ph34r: 

edit: you can see the track marks on the kitchen table LOL

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