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The best dull coat


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The one I started using 2 years ago is Model Master clear lacquers.  Not Testors main brand, bu MM in the glass jars, thin them slightly with levelling Thinner and airbrush on your model.

It is almost impossible to apply too much, and unlike other dullcoats, if you do happen to apply too much it never, ever has left white spots.

I used Alclad dullcoats for years, and although they look great, I had a problem with them never really completely drying. They always stayed a bit tacky, enough that you could almost leave fingerprints in the clear.  The MM lacquer dries hard as a rock in a few minutes.

I can't take credit for this, the one who clued me in is Brian Outagtcha on the other site.  

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My go to variant is using Future combined with Tamiya flat base. The benefit is, that you can determinate the dullness by adjusting the mix. I had no issues with tackiness or whitening, which might appear if you use way too much of the flat base.

Cheers Rob 

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