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I once started a detailed SS Mauretania, correcting and improving the ... Airfix 1/600 venerable kit ...

When I fought and battled over the scratchbuilding of the main windlass/capstan on the f’csle, where the biggest part was about 1.5 mm in diameter, it suddenly dawned on me that there was no reason to inflict myself such insane teeny-weeny detailing ... 

So, now I do 1/32 aicrafts, where I can « relax » detailing cockpits with less-than-a-one-millimeter-diameter knobs and levers. But this is « meaningful » detailing :wallbash: :rofl:...

But I have decided not to touch the small scales anymore. 1/350, 1/400, 1/600, 1/700 are banned in the ships scales, and 1/144, 1/72, 1/48 for aircrafts. It’s just 1/32 for aircrafts, and 1/200 for fighting ships (IF they are pre-dreadnoughts, so in IM plastic, there is just the Mikasa ... or cardboard models :popo:) or bigger scale for sailing ships and minor vessels ... One has to protect one’s nerves and eyesight, hasn’t one ? :hsmack:

Hubert, perfectly able to explain rationally his choices, without the slightest trace of BS :wacko:

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I love the wooden ships along with small coasters and fishing boats. Same with pre dreadnoughts and up to and including anything pre steam turbine. 

But teeny parts like this? I’d be mumbling to myself in three hours.

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I feel that *EXACT* same sort of "WTF was I thinking?!?!?!?" as I look at my USS Arizona - and it's at 1/200! :omg:  I can't imagine trying to do it at 1/350

But I expect it to be a good long-term project sometime, and I wanted to get it while there was still good availability of AM parts and such.

I agree on small scales - not worth the loss of eyesight and my fingers are too fat regardless! :rofl:

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I bought the Model Factory Hiro 1/24 McLaren F1 GTR car kit a few years ago. It's resin, white metal, PE, turned aluminum, even vac form.  I got scared at the idea of building it when I saw there were spring retention clips for the exhaust system.

So instead I figured like most of you bigger is better and picked up their 1/12 Porsche 956 LeMans winner. Then I found separate brake calipers, pads and pad retention clips....


I'm still working my courage up to start it. 

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I have a few 1/350 warships.  One about 1/10th done.  I'm held up because a cable became detached and it really gave me the shits.  There is a point where I stop detailing.  The eye can only see so much.


Unless you get a hard-on from showing your work in macro photos...  Just find that 'good enough' spot and move on.



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