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WNW late Halberstadt in Aviattic lozenge, as Jasta 18 hack.

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This one has been hanging around a while whilst I had a cataract done. I used Aviattic lozenge and spare decals from the late kit. Colours are DB kraplak and Prussian blue, which shows the lozenge through nicely.















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Fantastic paint work !!.. Makes me wonder if they ever came out of the workshops building the actual craft with such paint work, or if it was up to each squadron to paint their own. Was there any online links to how they ever devised such dazzle camo schemes and who were the unfortunates who got ordered in with the paint cans.

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I think this one will have been standard lozenge and then Jasta 18 staff painted it in their usual blue red. It’s in a data file, but at a long distance from the camera. At that stage they didn’t bother painting the lower wing. 
I used drooling bulldog lacquers as they are translucent which is a nice scale effect seeing the lozenge through the blue. The red is Kraplak, a generic pigment, and the blue is Prussian blue. 
I quite fancy doing another now...

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