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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Another Ft build.

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Thanks to Ryan, there are very obvious omissions to this kit. One of the biggest is ignition wires tube. This is where I an rite now. Still needs to be trimmed some and a hole drilled for the front 2 Leeds. Let me know what you think.....harv



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15 hours ago, harv said:

Trying a little grime. What do you think ?......harv

Depends on what your tank should look like. There are lots of 'fresh' spills on the Aluminum part (sharp contours), but no deposit grime on the whole engine. Looks to me like a relatively new engine with not so careful maintenance.

Cheers Rob

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Guest DannyVM

Wow Harv.......1/16 heavy metal dude........talking about something totally different then airplane modelling.:thumbsup2:

Love your progress my friend, i'm sitting at the front row to watch and learn.:popcorn:

In the Brussels Army and aviation museum stands a original Renault FT with his ( i think) original color scheme. 

I don't have much photo's of it, only three, but i will post them here. Maybe you can use them as reference.






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20 hours ago, harv said:

Mag done and starting on the .6 mm braided wires. Used a sharpie to give them some color. Let .e know what you think.....harv




I think it looks top drawer, buddy............ I really like what's going down here...... nice tone down on the aluminum crankcase............it shows 'depth' to my four eyes, keep going.... she will be a stunner...

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