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I've got to get me some of these!!!


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I've never had issues with the Tamiya thin square bottles just the tall thin ones like glues, Alclad and other paints come in. Just take a bottle to the big box store and find a PVC pipe fitting it will fit in then glue it to a base. For the one below I used a piece of acrylic but wood or other material would work. Note: the one in the photo has been around a while, the tape showing was used to snug up the fit so when I pick up the bottle the base comes with it.


For some reason the ones I seem to spill most often are Microset and Microsol and the the tall bottles that super glue accelerator come. I tend to leave the caps loose when using them. While their spillage usually doesn't result in damage it can cause a delay if I need to acquire new stock to continue.

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