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Sahara dust


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Harv, don't tell me something about Sahara dust, if you haven't been in it ;).

Extremer Calima auf Fuerteventura: viele Veranstaltungen abgesagt ...

That is how a proper Kalima looks like, here on the Canary islands. It's a wind directly from the Sahara desert and travels hundreds of kilometers. After a Kalima everything is sand covered.
There is an international air pollution index, which is normally very good here with a value around 20-30. With bad Kalimas it can raise up to 500, which means extremely hazardous with high risks of infections. You should stay at home these days and of course no airbrushing :D.

This year it was not that extreme, but we had Kalima for a very long time, I think for about two month since October in total. Last year, we had one like this and it ripped off our power connection and fell a tree in the garden.

Dusty Cheers Rob


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The dust got to me in TN about noon on Friday, my family and I were at the beach when it seemed to get cloudy, but sun was still casting shadows. It’s been like that since them, but today the color seems a lot more orange/yellow. Seems cloudy, but it’s more like a thick haze, or a fog that’s lifted, strange thing, the sun is still getting through. 

As far as real sandstorms, I was in Phoenix AZ once when a true sand storm came through, we were on a hill and could see the wall of dust coming at us for about 10 minutes before it hit. That was strange. 

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Anyone experiencing a blue Sun?

The size of the dust particles we get here whenever there's a dust storm out of the Red Centre refracts the light in such a way the Sun turns blue. It's quite a sight.


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