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Found and Finished... sort of, anyway


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A while back I partially completed a Meng Leopard 2A4.  I had waited an eternity for the figures to arrive from Korea.  Meanwhile the MG and mount went missing.   Of course, I had assumed I had mislaid the parts somewhere.  But eventually I gave up on seeing them again. 


Then, a few weeks ago they turned up at the foot of my bedroom door.  Since the tile floor had been vacuumed and mopped a number of times in the interim, I now assume that our cat had made a toy  of both MG and mount.  So now....  here are the figures and gun where they belonged atop the turret.






I never did add the tow cables.  There was no part or place with any kind of locator device for the end that rested on top of the hull.  So... to avoid a potentially gluey mess fighting the steel cables into place...  I just left them off.


I thank all of you for your concern at the time that things were missing!



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