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  1. Are the seat belts from the kit or AM? Mike
  2. I am in the process of building this plane and I will hopefully be able to post pics this week. I have one question, on the IP there are 3 screens , when the aircraft is parked would the screens be green? Thanks, Mike
  3. So sorry for your loss. Have a safe flight. Mike
  4. Well I just thought I would ask to see if there was any interest, if there is I will try and arrange something if not than no table. Mike
  5. Is anyone interested in doing a Special Interest Group table for Large Scale Planes? Mike
  6. I will wait until I see what tours are going to happen and what days. Ernie, Did you ever let them know about sponsoring a category for the Mafia? Mike
  7. For those that are going, which day and time would work for everyone for the meet and greet? Mike
  8. I am looking at working on the following: 1. F-18C 2. A-1E conversion 3. USN Dauntless 4. Various German WW2 armour 5. At least 2 F-4's. 6. Forgot to add a Corsair -1A. Mike
  9. The other plane is going to be a F-18C. Will be starting it this week along with the Dauntless. BlrwestSiR, I live an hour away from Oshkosh maybe we can get together for lunch! Mike
  10. Right now I am planning on a Dauntless and a couple of armor pieces. Could be another plane, I will have to check to see what I could bring. Mike
  11. I am also setting up our "meet and greet". More information will follow, hope to see alot of you guys there. Mike
  12. Happy New Year everyone! As we are only 7 months away from the big show I thought I would send an update. I will be sponsoring the 1/32 prop category this year and also the "Best Large Scale Phantom"!. I will need some help judging the Phantom award, so if you want to volunteer let me know. Mike
  13. Does anyone make a seated crew for the above aircraft? Thanks, Mike
  14. Hey Sunshine, Two separate prizes, armor books as one and the aircraft as another. Mike
  15. Sunshine, I have the following 3 books and 1 set of decals I would like to add to the prize list: Kagero (red series) Heinkel HE 111 Ps of KG 27 (decals) Sq EA-6B Prowler walk around Desert Eagle Zelda M113 Part 1 (fitters) Concord Merkava 1, 2, 3 Mike
  16. I have the following decal for sale for $20.00, shipping included lower 48 USA only. Speedhunter 32003 Snub nosed USAF Phantoms Thanks for looking, MIke
  17. I have the following kit and decal for sale at $100.00. Shipping is included and the kit is still shrink wrapped. USA lower 48 only. Thanks for looking, Academy F16 CG/CJ Kit number 12101 Two Bobs Blue Fox Bandits (1/32) Mike
  18. Where in the PI are you retiring? Spent a few years at Clark AFB. Mike
  19. I would like to see a Helldiver from Tamiya. Mike
  20. Next years show is on March 2nd in Madison, Wisconsin. Hope to have a large turn out of large scale planes. See you there, Mike
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