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  1. Like the title says, prefer Zotz decals. Thanks, Mike
  2. Thoughts and prayers for your parents. mike
  3. Looks like the embassy suites room block will go hot tomorrow at 3pm central time. Those that live in other time zones you can figure your time based on the 3pm time. mike
  4. Apparently there was a small time period when it was open. Mike
  5. I got my reservation at the Embassy Suites. Mike
  6. I have the following to trade for the above: WNW 32006 Pfalz D. IIIa HGW 132050 upgrade set I would like to keep this in the lower 48. Buyer/seller pay their own shipping. thanks for looking, mike
  7. Does anyone make the above figures? I am gathering all the essentials for my “Harv” diorama. Sorry Harv you’ll be loading an F-105! mike
  8. Just no interest in going to Vegas. I plan on going to San Marcos and Omaha. mike
  9. Looks like I will have a year off in 2021. mike
  10. Vegas and Omaha are bidding for the 2021 and 2022 conventions! I hope Omaha gets the 2021 date. mike
  11. We are getting together tonight at 7pm at Big River Grill. mike
  12. Just finished my registration. Waiting for the vendor room to open. i am wearing a T-28 shirt. Hope to meet up with those that r here. mike
  13. Just arrived at the hotel. It has been along day. mike
  14. I guess we will find out in a couple of days! mike
  15. We are on our way! See everyone in Chattanooga. mike
  16. No on the carrier deck, that is from Z-M. mike
  17. Here are a few pics of the dauntless I am bringing. Mike
  18. Is anyone coming to the convention from Kentucky? Mike
  19. There is no banquet this year just a dessert bar. As far as our annual dinner that will have to take place on Friday night. If anyone knows of a great place to eat, let us know. George from Tamiya will be coming along with us as well as Gary fron GT Resins. Mike
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