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  1. What squadrons flew with this mod on their F-4s? Mike
  2. Are these better than the kit part? Mike
  3. When did you guys want to do our dinner, Friday or Saturday night? One more thing, do you want to do our meet and greet again this year? Mike
  4. So is this the place for our get together meal! Never to early to plan. We are really looking forward to this nationals. Mike
  5. What models are you bringing to the show? I plan on an A-1J and several armor pieces. Mike
  6. I am building the Trumpy A-1J and the seat that comes with the kit just sucks! Does anyone have a ZM seat they are not going to use? Thanks Mike
  7. You won’t regret coming, it is a lot of fun. Mike
  8. Not sure, the post also showed a ME-262! Mike
  9. Lorie and I will be there. Arriving Tuesday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Mike
  10. Saw on Facebook that the HobbyBoss 1/32 A-26B is up for preorder! That is all I saw. Mike
  11. Thanks everyone. I hope you had a great Christmas and will have a Happy New year! Mike
  12. They are for sleepy of the 7th dwarfs. mike
  13. What is the quality of their decals? I am looking at getting a B-24D set but they are $36.99 a set! Mike
  14. The Helldiver is a must buy for me, hopefully it won’t be too pricey! Mike
  15. Get the Tamiya P-51, it is a really good kit. Mike
  16. The above decal is for Air National Guard part 1. thanks, Mike
  17. Which is the better kit, HK or Z-M? thank mike
  18. I am looking at building one of the above but have no idea which kit is the best/accurate to build. All suggestions are welcome, thank you. Mike
  19. Thank you for that tip, I found the plane I want to do! Mike
  20. Just picked up the “D”. Hopefully someone will come out with some decals for it. Mike
  21. I built the P-61, I have the B-24J and looking to get the D. i have built several F-105’s also. mike
  22. Are there any decals for the J or D (1/32)? mike
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