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  1. I usually check department stores. I bought a couple of shelving units when a local store went out of business. Mike
  2. I am getting ready to decal my dauntless. After the decals have been applied, what is the best dull coat to use? Mike
  3. Looks like our " Meet and greet" is Friday afternoon from 1 to 2. See you all there. Mike
  4. Here is the trophy for the F-4 Phantom award! Mike
  5. 2 months to go. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Build those Phantoms. I will post a pic of the award that I am sponsoring. Mike
  6. No big deal for me. I have enough kits to last another 50 years! Every plane I would want to build is out except for one a Helldiver in plastic, not resin and pe. Have a good week everyone! Mike
  7. recon


    I have notified Hawaii 5-0 that your coming! Have a great time! Mike
  8. I am sure they are researching something! Mike
  9. Stay safe my friend! Mike
  10. They are on their 5th hotel! This is shaping up to be an epic convention. Mike
  11. I am working on my dauntless for Chattanooga. Hope to have some pics here shortly. Mike
  12. Alot of updates on the IPMS Nationals website, check it out. Mike
  13. I am building this kit now and I am wondering if the gunners seat needs a seatbelt! The instructions do not indicate a seatbelt. Do I put one in or leave it without one? I plan on entering this at the IPMS Nationals in Chattanooga. Thanks for your advise, Mike
  14. We are supposed to get measurable snow and rain on Wednesday and Thursday! Mike
  15. The Nationals website has been updated. Check it out, 4 months to go! Mike
  16. Talked with theTamiya rep and he will be joining us at our dinner and if possible at our meet and greet. Should be a be a really good time. Mike
  17. They are but they are trying to get more hotels. Mike
  18. Gary from GT Resin is going to be there and George from Tamiya will be there also. Radu is also coming. Mime
  19. What night do you guys want to do our dinner? My suggestion is Friday night. Mike
  20. I am looking for the above decals. If anyone has them and is not going to use them please let me know. Thanks, Mike
  21. Looks great, did you use any Eduard on this one? I am getting ready to start mine and have the Eduard interior set. Mike
  22. Our meet and greet is on the seminar schedule. Mike
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