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  1. Sign me up. The question is what do I build! Let's see, I have a B-25, P-47, the Tamiya Corsair, several Avengers, Mustangs...... Mike
  2. For those of you that are going I have a room reserved on Saturday August 17th at 12 noon. It is just for us Large Scale Plane builders. As soon as it is confirmed I will let everyone know. Mike
  3. I am working on getting a room for us LSP builders either Wednesday or Thursday evening. I will let everyone know if we can get one or not. Mike
  4. I am sure we will hook up at the convention. I would like to have a get together for us Large Scale Plane builders. Mike
  5. Just to let everyone know, I will be sponsoring category 140 Large scale jets and the BEST F-4 Phantom at this years show. Mike
  6. Beautiful work, hope mine turns out as good as yours. Mike
  7. Looks great. Waiting to get mine. Mike
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