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  1. The torture I intended was not one of physical nature, but that of mental insanity. Looks as if I may be succeeding!
  2. God grant me the serenity to build the kits I can, the courage to shelve the kits I can't, and the wisdom to know the difference.
  3. Gonna build me a F-14D and extend the wings just for the heck of it.
  4. Too much Kielbasa I'm in for sure, if it is gonna play stateside.
  5. Quick solution, just give me all yours. Problem solved.
  6. Very wobbly on that float. If someone breathes on it too hard, thar she goes!
  7. Will be flying next year, Maru!
  8. Let's start a thread. Here is the website which has been launched already http://www.ipmsusanationals.com/ If you look in the vendors tab, you will see they have already sold 314 of 376 available tables I believe, with the ability to add more! Yikes!!
  9. What are you bringing forty models or something?
  10. 2018 NATS scores!! B-25 Strafer AEG Late Fokker DVII (FOK) P-38J Trumpy P-51D Revell Dr.1 Roden Junkers J.1 He 111P Two were gifts from a good friend, thanks. The rest were bought in a rampant shopping spree which included books, tools, etc. Being single has it's upsides!
  11. Peter, all I know is that in Omaha the aircraft Best of Show was a 1/48th scale Privateer conversion done with Cutting Edge resin. I wouldn't even imagine they would get to the type of conversion it was until they got past all the "basics"
  12. Smoke and mirrors, boy....smoke and mirrors
  13. Does anyone know the whereabouts of any of the Hobbycraft P-51's or A-36 kits. I see one on e bay for 69 bucks, but I would think a store or two would still have them, hmm. Thanks in advance! John
  14. I could as I have lots of them, it just seems like space would better utilized with the cast weight.
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