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  1. What are you bringing forty models or something?
  2. 2018 NATS scores!! B-25 Strafer AEG Late Fokker DVII (FOK) P-38J Trumpy P-51D Revell Dr.1 Roden Junkers J.1 He 111P Two were gifts from a good friend, thanks. The rest were bought in a rampant shopping spree which included books, tools, etc. Being single has it's upsides!
  3. Peter, all I know is that in Omaha the aircraft Best of Show was a 1/48th scale Privateer conversion done with Cutting Edge resin. I wouldn't even imagine they would get to the type of conversion it was until they got past all the "basics"
  4. Smoke and mirrors, boy....smoke and mirrors
  5. Does anyone know the whereabouts of any of the Hobbycraft P-51's or A-36 kits. I see one on e bay for 69 bucks, but I would think a store or two would still have them, hmm. Thanks in advance! John
  6. I could as I have lots of them, it just seems like space would better utilized with the cast weight.
  7. Ya a quick search shows they carry profimodler products but no sign of the weights...will keep looking,
  8. Hi all! I am looking for a source for the noseweights for the HK B-25 here in the U.S, and I was also wondering if there was a resin barrel for the 50 cals out there I could use instead of the brass ones. I know there is no resin barrel set made for the specific kit but I know there are resin barrels out there. Thanks for your help! John
  9. Alright, Santa rocks for sure! got the Hobby Boss P-61, the WNW Salmson USAS, and Hasegawa Frank!
  10. Yup, I was pleased to see something for us Yanks and ordered one right away!
  11. Hey STIKPUSHER are you in Garden Grove? I grew up going to Brookhurst, remember it when it was just a little cubby hole down the street!
  12. Thanks so much for taking the time to look for the info but that is the -5 Panther, I was wondering about the -2.
  13. I am contemplating whether I should drop a bunch of cash at a Black Friday sale or just get one of Paul Fishers nice resin kits. I was wondering what the other marking options were in the F9F-2 kit as it doesnt clarify in the decription on the web page. I sent an e mail but no reply yet and the sales are either going on now or close at hand. Thanks!
  14. OV-10 Bronco!!!!!! Av-8A Harrier FJ-2/3 Fury S-3 Viking I think you all had the WWII stuff covered so I thought I would go a different direction!
  15. Here... http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1448-de-havilland-dh-103-hornet/
  16. I know some picked up some of their new stuff at Telford, any idea when the rest of us might get our hands on one(especially the Hornet)?
  17. Thank you sir! We had whispers of the Salmson before and knew about the EI and the AEG. It seems the last couple years they have released something totally off the radar screen though, like the Hannover last year. I am thinking we may see something else in time for Christmas, how about you? I know this is a HK Meteor thread and will abstain from further WNW posts...sorry!!
  18. So whats up with the Salmson news and how did I miss it?
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