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  1. Great start John. Do you have a production-line for Mustangs? Your building speed is incredible!
  2. Thank you for your feedback Peter and Gary. Much appreciated!
  3. Today I managed to install the light for the HUD. It‘s one of the lights out the set from Magic Scale Modeling which I will use for the Model. The set consists of a motherboard and LEDs which have to be painted with transparent colors because they are very bright. They are glued in place with UV-glue which comes with the set. This one I bought extra for my Dambuster Lancaster because there were many more things to attach. Bondic UV-glue set: Test-run with painted light: Mother board and power supply: Light running: And switched off: Cabling alongside the cockpit tub: Everything stored for further assembly. The „3“ belongs to the pin on the motherboard to which the plug has to be connected in the end. It‘s really plug-n-play. You only have to think about where to place the motherboard in the model and how to do the cabling within the model. Now the cockpit is complete and I can start with the undercarriage.
  4. Thank you for your feedback Gary! I try to do the lighting on the HUD this weekend and post some pictures here then. Thank you for your feedback Peter! Much appreciated!
  5. Great build and perfect recovery actions Rob! I especially like how all the metal surfaces turned out!
  6. Great build John and a real eyecatcher very seldom seen. You build large scale planes in an astounding speed. Where do you store all the finished models?
  7. Thank you all for your feedback. Today I managed to add all missing hoses: The oxygen hoses of the crews‘ oxygen masks and the hoses to the ejection seats. For the masks of the crew I found a perfect reference foto in the internet: And for the hoses to the ejection seats: All hoses were scratched from wire. This is how they came out: Pilot and front ejection seat: WSO and back ejection seat: Final step will be adding the light to the HUD. This will be the topic for the next post.
  8. This will be another stunning model John!
  9. Thank you for your feedback Peter. The eyes of the figures aren’t easy to paint and I use a pinpoint 0,03 mm pen for the pupils.
  10. Your building speed is terrific and your results look awesome. White is not the easiest color to airbrush.
  11. Thank you for your feedback Martin! It‘s always extra work to change the posures on figures but it brings more life to them.
  12. Thank you for your feedback Peter. I like smooth weathering too only to bring out the details. I managed to nearly complete the cockpit within the last days. Only the oxygen hoses of the crew are missing and I have to add the first light to the HUD. I have to scratch the hoses with wire because the ones from PJ Productions included are unusable. Here are some pics of the actual status: Next update to follow soon.
  13. Great Progress Gary! You have to do a lot of work with the Zimmerit! The idea with the fenders made of brass adds much realism to the model. The technique you use is really good!
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