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  1. I have a KH F-5 two seater, Trumpeter Mig-21 two seater w/Verlinden cockpit upgrade set. I be willing to trade. Both complete and un-started.
  2. Very nice Peter, think this might be my next build to get my mojo back. Looking at doing Happy Jacks Go Buggy
  3. Just received my first set of these “decals”, for my Tamiya’s P-51, and I gotta say, these things look amazing on their backing sheet. Can’t wait to see your set in the Spitfire.
  4. Trying to salvage a SOD spitfire, but what I really need is the main wing section along with the flaps, ailerons, landing gear down mechanisms/indicators. But if you have a full kit that’s reasonably priced, I’ll take that off your hands too. Does not matter which version, Thanks, Reuben San Antonio, TX.
  5. Very nicely done, maybe someday I get around to building mine, and hopefully it comes out as nice as yourself did!
  6. Very nice, all of them.
  7. Very nice Jerry, when I get around to building mine, it’s gonna be the same scheme. I like his background story of the oddball pilot.
  8. Hubert, I never heard about this, I hope it’s not true and he left the business for other reasons other than the big C.
  9. IMHO, they laid down very nicely for me when I have used them in the past, no problems whatsoever.
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