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  1. Hubert, I never heard about this, I hope it’s not true and he left the business for other reasons other than the big C.
  2. IMHO, they laid down very nicely for me when I have used them in the past, no problems whatsoever.
  3. Hey Jerry, good to hear from you again. To be honest, I really don’t know for sure. I want to say yes, but don’t quote me on that, just my opinion. Just I haven’t seen anything new from him since HK B-17’s came out. So he might still be in business, but in a limited basis only?
  4. Looking for the set that contains the ship “Thoughts of Midnite”. If any one has a spare set. I would love to take it off your hands. Searched everywhere, I even contacted Eli at Zotz directly, but even he didn’t have any spares leftover. Thanks, Reuben San Antonio, TX
  5. Fantastic Lib, I hope mine comes out as nice as your did. Very inspirational.
  6. Of Zotz release “Thoughts of Midnight” If you have this set I would more then gladly take it off your hands. Thanks any help is greatly appreciated, Reuben San Antonio, TX, 78203
  7. Very nicely done John, how did you handle the landing gear bay?
  8. Hey Harv, my WNW collection is pretty meager right now only have 3 kits and my experience with WWI kits and rigging is even sadder. Looking forward to building either a Albatros or a Snipe first but I love those German markings and colorful schemes
  9. Great looking builds and very inspirational. Looking to start getting my collection going if WNW kits very soon
  10. Looking good John. Have the British version and the Victor set as well looking at your build with great interest
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