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  1. Aftermarket? At least 3 per kit . Soooo......... 900
  2. quick bump it up to $600!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I am contemplating modelling seppuku with a dull xacto. Because I cant have this and will prolly never see it again. Good price and good luck harv!
  4. Planned obsolescence is not a new manufacturing policy.
  5. I waaannit... I waaannit... I waaannit... You caaaant have it... lol
  6. lol easy there Hubert! Do you work for an insurance company? If it went it would be a minimal split or pinhole. But really , really , really unlikely!
  7. If you use CLR it will clear out the rust and convert the oxidation into a zinc coating. Pretty good way we used to clean out Harley tanks. Even better ; It wont rust again after that. Attention to the drain valve once and a while may help too... Jus' sayin!
  8. Girl figs are cool. I have a number of them , too bad I cant paint worth a faack. Saw this one on Scale Model Graveyard sales site on fbook. Which is turning out to be a decent buy/sell page. Pirate Babe: Her sword is broken , but that can easily be made of stainless steel stock , prolly look better too.
  9. lol When I worked in the custom Harley industry here in B.C. I would have had no trouble designating the tank as crap. It barely pass' even the lowest standards. Every time I go to leak test it there is a new crack or hole or crackhole. Mostly around the filler neck , which is the worst part, I have actually cut it off as it was not getting better. The bung will be welded to a square patch to go over the cretinous 'welding' f c ing things up. But it is made and it fits , now , and is completely invisible under the tranny. With a wrinkle black finish the flaws will be pretty much unseen. Here is the chopper which is turning out to be a mixed bag of tricks: Note that this has never actually been a bike , never inspected , certified or insured , never seen the road. This is a very loosely asembled bunch of parts that was immediatly dis asembled. lol
  10. Tig welding machine issues resolved . Cracked pelvis healed nicely. So I tig welded the oil tank for the chopper. Leak testing proved to be a test , 6 leaks , 5 from whoever built the tank and one from my work. Sealed up and ready for final finish:
  11. Decent work going on... A little late but thin wall tubing of the right diameter with a sharpened edge can be used to fabricate guage lens'. Heat the end of the tube and it will go through the clear material easier.
  12. 200 - 250 from casual looking on a few sales sites
  13. As I said mine are builders kits. They were in the hands of a semi-retarded individual. I bought them as a lot. There were 8 kits. He had ; -taped decal sets to the face of the box , ruining the artwork. -cut up the decals and dispersed a lot of them , robbing the lozenge decals from many of the kits. -'X'ed out , in sharpie , the subject artwork in the instructions! The damage was undisclosed and he wouldnt go good for it , PayPal dropped the ball fully , completly and I had to drop them as well. I have 4years later , restarted PPal business and still have 2 of the kits. I will want between $175 - $200 each for these , as an example One of the kits is complete but marked up in the fashion described. The other has some decals removed , and Pheon decals substituted. If yours is the DV I'm thinking of i would start at $250 AT LEAST. But it would have to be complete and in good shape. Its one of the more popular of the series , so you should have n trouble selling it. Xed out subjects:
  14. got 2 WNW # 32047 D.Va , builders kits , w box damage , mangled instructions , severed decals , kit parts complete in bags. lol
  15. I have a few of these tools. UMM also makes a p/e set . The Trumpeter tool is adequate but will need upgrading to a steel axle and some parts to make it more useable; This mod after testing on a 1/48 B 17 , Monogram hard plastic broke the stock plastic axle right away.
  16. Its whether the receiver chooses to be offended. In my experience no amount of sugar coating will smooth the delivery. Here where I live there are peeps poised , catlike, ready to misinterpret , misdirect , obfuscate the truth and redefine even the slightest comment , as long as it is as far from the truth as they can get. And never into a positive arena , always into the negative. And shying away from accepting responsibility for their 'input' , with one of the stupidest comments ever heard by me; "You brought it on yourself" Anyone using this phrase needs to be avoided at all costs. lol
  17. Good work. For interests sake the rig she has is a cutting torch , can be used for 'welding' but not welding. lol
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