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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Well gents, she's done. She has been on my workbench far to long but in all honesty, I never had a clue where to go with this. All I knew is that I wanted to break the PC10 with some color variation and I think that worked out well. Although I see points I would improve upon a next time I'm pretty happy with the overall result. Here are some pice, hope you enjoy them. All comments welcome as usual, happy modeling, Jeroen
























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Hi Martin, thanks my friend! I'm glad she's done now so I can start focussing on some other projects. David Parker of AFV modeler asked me to participate in a new WnW venture so I will build something for that ( I cannot say more at the moment I'm afraid). For the group build here I still intend to do the Harry Tate. But first and all I believe I will pick up a 1:48 kit, the Italeri Wessex, if it fits in the timetable ;-)!

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PC10 is an awful colour in most of the shades I've seen it in, but you managed to break it up and give some real interest. Without a doubt the nicest PC10 I ever saw, so I'll be following your lead when my time comes. Great build!

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Greetings Jeroen;



Nice looking SE-5 ................ doggyh10.gif


I have one of these in 1/32 scale. Every once and a while I take it out and look at it. 

May-haps be, one of these days I will do something other than look at it ............................. suspec10.gif


Nice work,



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