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Hasegawa Fw190 A-7 "Yellow 6" W.Nr.340283

Dave J

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This is the scheme that I am rolling with at the moment... but I could change my mind once again...







Fw. Gerhard Geise, 3.JG1 "Yellow 6" W. Nr 340283, Schiphol Holland 1942.

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Always liked the striped cowls on these schemes, excellent choice!


Me too, and I've always preferred the "A" marques as well.  Nice choice Dave, I'm really looking forward to yours and everyone elses too.

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Cheers Guys. looks like I am going with this one... Just ordered a few things to throw at it...

  • True Details Cockpit Set
  • Eagle Parts Gun Cowl
  • Eagle Parts Main Wheels
  • Eagle Parts Corrected Prop and Spinner
  • Eagle Parts Gun Fairings.
  • HGW Harness
Planning to use some Brass tubing for the barrels and maybe some Paint Masks too, but I have decals for it already...
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Start to play with the Wuger today...


Glued the wheel bay and wing half's together... Then went to stick the flaps in and they are only design to be fitted in the deployed position, which I didn't want to do as the photo above has the flaps in the closed position.


I found that you can do it by removing the locating tabs off the flaps and thinning down the lip on the lower wing, then you have to play around for 30mins to get it to sit right, if you have the upper wing on....



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Did some Cockpit work today today at lunch...


In my last order to Lucky Model, they had a True Details Fw190 Cockpit Set for $14... So I thought what the hell and got one... After looking at it and testing the fit, I noticed that its the Cockpit for the old Hasegawa tooling of the 190... and it could fit, but it would required some cutting and filling...  So instead of doing that I am just going to rob the seat, foot pedals, centre section of the control panel and the Control stick and dress up the Hasegawa stock parts...


Ran out of time to take photos... but I will take some tomorrow and post them up!

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Well I have no photos as my photo setup is down at the moment... But I been working on 190 the last couple of Tuesdays... Pit is all painted and button up, and wings have been attached to the fuse.. So this week will be clean up and getting the engine painted up.

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Built up the engine egg last nice and the landing gear.. Both are dry fitted at the moment. I have a Eagle parts resin cowl that I will be fitting, but it a big warped so its requires a soak in Hot water first.




Pit was paint with Mr Color RLM 66 and details picked out with Vallejo paints.






So now I am cleaning up seams and filling any gaps, hoping to have a coat of primer on this time next week! Way things are going I should make the deadline!

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Cheers Guys!  Mike... I should be in time!


Worked on the Wuger over the weekend and got a bit done!


Started off by making gun barrels and the Pilot Tube out of Brass tubing and rod.






Huge sink marks in the Flap parts, so they were filled with some Surfacer 500 and sanded back




Eagle Parts Cowl attached. Had mixed feeling on the fitting of the part.. My part was warped. so I soaked it in boiling water to get it back into shape... but it was still out in areas and required some sanding here and there...




So everything has been dry fitted here... Plan is to Prime it tomorrow and start fixing up an faults over the week.





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A couple areas that might need attention if you're interested:


If it is not too late, the gap in the cockpit coaming should be taken care of, the padding goes all the way around, there is no gap for the sight as the kit provides.  


You need to fill the join in the wingroot, there are only a couple spots where the line should be there.  For example, the gun bay cover in the middle is a single part that goes all the way to the top of the wingroot fairing.  A quick look at just about any set of plans should help here.



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