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1:72 Revell Fw-190F8 step by step build - COMPLETED 19/09/2021


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Hi all!

For some time now that i wished to start a topic "step by step" on this forum and i found the ideal candidate.



I bought this model recently at a local hobby shop and already "destroyed" one on my resume, due to lost parts.

As usual in my airplanes, I started to cut and prepare parts from sprue, starting from the cockpit, that and by the pictures below, I did not take pictures.

The paint was made with a primer from Vallejo, followed by RLM66 from Model air, also from Vallejo range.



As much of the cockpit is hidden, detail painting was kept into a minimum.

Over a 4 hours period, I was able to complete the fuselage / wings glue, and main components prep for paint.

In the beginning there was putty and sandpaper…


The assembly, and this must be a fault as modeller, I need to resource to putty and sandpaper to eliminate the glue seams. In some models it is easy and in others, well, not.

I won’t complain a lot on this model, as I assume that it’s a natural part of this hobby.


As usual, my favourite tools of trade for this are sandpaper ( starting 600, 1200, 2000, 3000) and a mix of superglue ( the cheap one) and

talcum powder.



And also use putty made by firescale modeler (Portuguese brand with a nice offer in terms of paints and finishing materials), dries fast and it's perfect for finishing big seams.



A considerable seam was identified in the wings roots (I could avoid that if paid more attention to dry fit) and pushing the wings up and glue it, does not fix the problem in hands.

As so, a piece of plasticard was inserted in the gap, and with a pencil, i marked to cut.


and the final result:


The result with the strip of plasticard inserted, glued and sanded.

Some atention will be required in order to garantee a smoth finish.


In the meanwhile

Small parts have been painted in the correct colour, RLM02, from Gunze


and this concludes part one of this step by step.

I'll try to be quick on the updates.

Thanks for watching!


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Nice start on your Fw190. I do spend way to much Time painting and adding some details and agree that once the fuselage is buttoned up, so little can be seen - but it’s both fun and rewarding just the same.

Keep ‘em comin


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On 7/3/2021 at 12:19 AM, GazzaS said:

Nice start.  Love to see what some guys can do with 1/72...  but I just dislike the scale.

Hi GazzaS It's a compact scale! thanks for your feedback!

On 7/3/2021 at 1:49 AM, harv said:

Thanks for showing us ! .......harv:popcorn:

thanks Harv!

On 7/3/2021 at 11:41 AM, Peterpools said:


Nice start on your Fw190. I do spend way to much Time painting and adding some details and agree that once the fuselage is buttoned up, so little can be seen - but it’s both fun and rewarding just the same.

Keep ‘em comin


Hi Peter ! i agree. right now, my modelling point of view is trying to keep it simple!


Well, upon one week away from the workbench, a small update.

The  wing root cannon barrels were replaced by metal tube, 0,6mm diameter from Lion Roar. This set is really good, is i can cut the tube with a x acto blade.


Note: the tubes are only attached and not glued / Aligned.

then my attention was set on the canopy, which is to say the least, miserable,

i started by buffing with a 2000 pad and when i'm happy with the result, started buffing with a 3000 till 6000 buffing pad.


the last step was masking the canopy and windshield, using Tamiya tape and a sharp blade. A 10 minute task.


And this was the update . Hope to advance a bit more today, and they i'll share the photos.


thanks for watching!

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On 7/3/2021 at 6:18 PM, Kaireckstadt said:

Great start and nice little bird! 
The parts are so tiny! 
Which livery will you make?

Hi Kaireckstadt ! sorry has i din not answer your question.

The livery is the same as the boxart ! check the first picture!


Thanks for the feedback Guys!

Here's a small update ! Last night my attention were on the cockpit area, mainly the gunsight detail.

The model's original part is a plastic part, so i remove it and replace it with a piece of clear acetate.

But first, some painting is required . RLM66 from Gunze range are perfect for the job.


A decal was set on the headrest armour plate.

All details were brush painted with vallejo acrylics.



Note: the gunsight glass was glued in place using white glue. At the time i took the picture, was still drying.


thanks for watching!

have a nice Sunday !


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  • 1 month later...

Hi Guys!

Sorry for the long delay on this build...

the Painting process advanced and some issues came along...


The main landing bay was masked with this "putty" in order to protect the paint.


And almost imediately i applied the base colour, using AK RC range.

the excess colour helped keep the "putty" fixed until it's removal.




Followed by the upper surfaces main colour, also from AK's RC air Range.

I applied the coat without any primer, just polished the surface with a 3000 Grid pad.



Followed by the green camouflage mottle, and this ie where all the trouble came. It's clear in the pictures that some spots simply are not "blend" and smooth.

Instead of performing the painting sesson only in one shot, i did it over three nights, and i was unable to replicate the same paint dilution, and even operate the airbrush in a proper way... some say that working very late in night may produce this results.

Also you'll notice that one of the left wing panel is slightly darker than the rest of the airframe. Well this is due to the fact that i put my finger moistered with thinner in that area, and i think that i do not need to explain more.

in the meanwhile the decals have been applied but i did not take any picture yet.


thanks for watching

best regards

Ricardo Veríssimo







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On 8/28/2021 at 11:13 PM, Peterpools said:


Very nice progress on your 190. Glad you were able to rescue the canopy which surely seemed to have better days. AB and cammo work looks spot on.

Keep 'em comin



Hi Peter! thanks for the words!

Here's a small update on the build.

It has some shortcomings. The Decals, despite a gloss surface simply keep with silvering... some walkways on the wings are the prove of that.

The decals were set and the matt finished applied.

Weathering was replicated with oils and the exaust stains were made by airbrush mixing Acrylic tamiya XF-10 flat Brown with XF-1 Matt Black.







It's always a good view to observe a model on his own wheels. Propeller in place and exaust stains painted.fw190F8_34.thumb.jpg.f528222ff396c1038e8c2c4f8c59f1d6.jpgfw190F8_35.thumb.jpg.15f1ee3f37356317e32a27b03a858b4e.jpg


Almost done. Despite the fact that the canopy in undersized comparing to canopy rails, it's a mistake that I'll have to live with.

I tried a canopy from another Revell's FW-190 and the end result is the same. Nevertheless i do enjoy the end result.

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On 9/16/2021 at 11:24 PM, Peterpools said:

Excellent progress on your FW190. From my end the decals and weathering look very good and I can't see any silvering.

Keep 'em comin


hi Peter ! thanks!

Well... my friends, this is the end...  :)

Acabado / finished!

It was a small challange and i still don't like the canopy and some of the decals but some times things are what they are, and i'm satisfied with the end result.

So let me share the final photos




Thanks for watching and comment!

Now to the next model !

All the best !

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  • rverissimo changed the title to 1:72 Revell Fw-190F8 step by step build - COMPLETED 19/09/2021

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