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F-4J(UK) - Tamiya (1/32)

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Greetings all, 

This has been a long-time 'as and when' project that I completed this weekend - Tamiya's 1/32nd F-4J finished as an F-4J(UK) of the famous 74 'Tiger Squadron' in the mid-1980's.

It was built more or less out of the box, but with Mastercasters' FOD covers and YellowHammer decals. Paints were all Xtracolor enamels. 

It's the first time I have added crew figures to a model as my daughter requested that the pilots should be in it. I might add crews in the future as it adds a bit of life to the cockpit!

All the best,


Pic 14


Pic 1


Pic 2


Pic 3


Pic 4


Pic 5


Pic 6


Pic 7


Pic 8


Pic 9


Pic 10


Pic 11


Pic 12


Pic 13



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In the moment there are some Phantom builds around here, different in scale and in version. Your British version looks fabulous and I like the low contrast scheme, paired with that black fin. The FOD covers are another eyecatcher.

Cheers Rob

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