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1:18 M41 Walker Bulldog


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Being new, and this the "large scale" website, I thought it would be appropriate to show my reworked and scratch built M41 that started as a toy shell. The turret and hull interior has been detailed from scratch. Many items have been replace or modified to include a canvas mantlet cover, numerous engine components, improvements to chassis and hull for accuracy, ties down grab rails on the turret, etc. 

After-market resin tarps and a wood box have been added. The cleaning rod on the side of the turret and aiming stakes on the front of the hull are also from scratch. In the storage boxes on the side of the hull are numerous items to include C-Rations, a bore brush, RBC and LSA, maps, rags, etc. I may at some time go back and replace the track and sprockets to individual links and add more crew members of higher quality. Until then I'm calling this D-O-N-E.








I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed building it.




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Thanks GazzaS and Martinnfb for the kind comments. While it is not a contest worthy model it did provide challenges and enjoyment. I will call this one a 3 footer, if you know what I mean (smile). Thanks again for looking in and providing your feedback.....


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It is my understanding that when they were deployed in both very late Korea and Vietnam, they were also used at times for indirect fire missions. I actually saw an on-line photo of one with them, so I thought they would be a different touch. 


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