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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

GWH Mug-29 9-13. Blue 16

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As you all know, I recently received this cool kit from Ernie to support the cause of this group build. "Way to sell it Martin, duh!" :)

Naturally it is going to be plain Jane Ukrainian Mug-29C. No additional aftermarket, I don't think it is needed anyway. So buckle up, it should be fun.  As long as I find my glasses 

This is , what I am after





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  • Martinnfb changed the title to GWH Mug-29 9-13. Not The Ghost of Kyiv 1/48 :) , just a regular Blue 16, all shabby and stuff :)

An obligatory box content picture……. Is not happening, instead I would like to focus on the actual work. Don’t expect tapes or questions, this is not that kind of build . The exhaust nozzles, here we go! Ignore the messy approach, the engines are there only for structural reasons.  I’m contemplating to keep the engine shutters in an open position to exposed the intake detail. Which means lots of filling and sanding. I should do it. :) Hmmm we shall see.  8B45FEB8-A913-4BEB-8227-EC45ED944F6C.thumb.jpeg.e32e9f8e7c9dd7ee557143067ed8169f.jpeg

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I was initially concerned about the ejector pin marks in the intake tunnels, however after I glued them together I’ve noticed a different problem. The fit is not ideal, nothing that a little bit of putty can’t fix. :)



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Some more progress tonight. Nozzles are based with a mixture of blue and black. Seat assembly was super flimsy so I placed it into the cockpit and detail it as such. And the intakes, well I have to wait until they dry. But I know already. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL  :)

night night 




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“Not great, not terrible…” ☢️

                     Anatoly Dyatlov


Even in the sun, it’s very hard to see the engines. 

some filler and she is good as new… wait…. She’s new.  😝

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Thank You Carl, not at all. I will definitely build another one. The break down of the intakes is slightly challenging due the thin mating surface. There are also few gaps, nothing crazy. I will fill it today and move on the cockpit detailing.






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As I am cooking dinner I had a moment to spare, to sand the seams and ejector pin marks on the exhaust petals and smother the inlet tunnel/ engine cowling connection. There will be some scribing needed, but overall? Not too shabby. Considering the butchery that is happening here :) 







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Thank you Carl, oven fried chicken with mash potatoes, teriyaki veggies and Caesar salad. :)


if it smells like Mig, it’s probably a  Mig. 

for the future reference, please note that the parts  H1 and H6 which are the vertical stabilizers extension, that are housing the flare cartridges are reversed in the instructions. They supposed to be in opposite angle then the vertical stabilizers themselves. 


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16 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Beautiful work, Martin!  I have those display team decals if you want to do something completely different. 

To paraphrase Bob Hope (I think it was him)

Ernie, "the largest distributor of MiG parts in the western hemisphere" :D


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