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M1070 hauling a M1127

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I didn't do anything to it! It's just how the surrounding and natural light fall on it. And when I showed it at VC13, the lighting was darker than what I would've liked it to be. Hence, it looked darker. I also paint under a incandescent light as well, so I tend to paint a little darker and when it's looked at under fluorescent light, it doesn't look all washed out from painting and highlighting.

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Wow, perfectly weathered!  That is an impressive beast, love seeing so much completed modern armor.  I assume this is the Hobbyboss kit?  What AM bits (if any) did you use?  


Now I REALLY want one of these.  I wanted one before they came out, but didn't pull the trigger sue to funds.  Every time I see one built, I want to get one.


Thanks for sharing her with us!

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I used quite a few bits of AM stuff. ET Models PE interior and exterior and I used their resin wheel set as well. I used Real Model Engine and Crew Protection Kit for the cab. I also built up Trumpeter's M1127 with Eduard PE exterior, Slat Armor set and blast panels. Other bits and pieces such as crew equipment, came from the spares box. All in all, I won't be doing that kit again. I left it over at my buddy's place for a couple of months because I couldn't stand looking at it! LOL

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