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Albatros D.V Jasta 6 Ltn. Adams

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Hello everyone, thank you for your kind comments.


Here are some pictures from the cockpit ...................... long time ago that was built.





Here you can see - inside the cockpit on the ground floor -, the two turnbuckles of the rigging cable from the landing gear .







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A very simple way to represent the fabric back wall....................... - paper!
A Gunze Sail-color painted paper.






Thereafter, polishing the fabric structure with fine steel wool into the painted paper.




Crumple and wrinkled the paper and glued  - done.







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Here is a simple but effective way to make the tubular frame at the rudder visible under the fabric cover.


First, the rudder is painted with Gunze "Sail Color".




Then paint the tubular structure with a black pen.



Thereafter, it is painted with highly diluted "Sail Color".

!!Not too much paint, the black tube frame must remain visible!!



The decals are applied.

Next, Decals are sealed with Tamiya clear coat.
With fine steel wool you can polished in a fine fabric structure, ---- this is clearly visible in the reflection of light.









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Wow! Bertl, could you please tell us in Hints 'n' Tips how you:

-do the rigging and the turnbuckles?

-paint your woodgrain?




BTW; you told us how the "Masters" wouldnt tell you their "secrets"? You have found out the first secret for yourself: A good eye for the littlest details and the patience to add them end the patience not to rush them! That really sets your builds apart from all the other -even excellent- ones!


I really love your postings for all that exquisite detail ànd the excellent workmanship in the painting and weathering! It really is rare to see that both the engineering/detailing workmanship and the artistic/painting workmanship come together like in your builds!

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Hello Bertl.  Many thanks for the lessons in how to achieve such a high level of scale model aeroplane replication.  Your photos make it very pleasing to study.  Appreciate your generosity when it comes to sharing your modelling interest.  Cheers.  Ralph.

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