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Scale Modelworld 2013; the (Large Scale) Competition


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Sorry guys; no armour.... There were a total of 1400(!) models in competition this year. That meant that extra tables had to be placed in the competition area which had a bit of an adverse effect on the walkways. Consequently there wer more visitors this year. So it was quite a struggle to make the photos. So I limited myself on the Large Scale aircraft in competition. There were a few exceptions, which I'll show last. But they're VERY much worth your while to have a look at. Simply put: the best aircraft work was in 1/48th this year in my opinion! Look at those pics, forget their scale and be inspired! Cheers!





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And the models of different scale:



The Best Of Show; a SciFi/Fantasy car which was totally scratchbuilt:




The Winner of the Aircraft category: a scratchbuilt 1/48 Short Calcutta flying boat




And the Winner of the Figure category; obviously a Scot! ;)



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Can I just say Erik .. your photographs are just STELLAR !!  


Amazing pictures Erik.  Thank you so much for taking the time to put these up for us; it almost makes me feel I was there.


PS: Love the A-7 D!!

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