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Arado 234 B2/N Nachtigall on Speed - Finished

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It was a long journey, which started in 2019 and led to two long pauses in the SOD. Nevertheless, I never questioned my desire to finish this demanding build, because of the fascination of the Nachtigall. It is one of those kits, you simply cannot put aside permanently. There is so much detail provided, specially with the resin parts, which are simply stunning.

Aftermarket bits where used, namely HGW seatbelts, Master brass antler antennas and Yahu instruments, camo masks from LF and marking and stencil masks from 1ManArmy. 

You have to be a bit masochistic for this build, mainly around the canopy glazing, which cost me tons of sweat with all that sawing, sanding, drilling, gluing, painting, decaling and these vulnerable pieces are the focal point of this build and there is no margin for errors. I expanded my self torture by wanting the canopy opened, which required surgery.
Speaking about errors, I made some, which I will not point out here. If you read through the build log it's there. I'm happy with the result, which of course could have been better, but somewhere you have to draw the line.

The kit needed modifications in several areas, mainly to reinforce the landing gear with brass rods for a bit more stability, because the Arado has a hefty weight

Cheers Rob












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20 hours ago, KevinM said:

She came out Real Nice Rob well Done!!:unworthy:


18 hours ago, Rod Bettencourt said:

Cool subject and nice build. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Kevin and Rod, it was a long journey, but worth it. I learned a lot through this build and am not frightened enough to consider a second one sometimes. It will be a single seater than without night fighter equipment, way easier to build.

Cheers Rob

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4 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Lovely build Rob. A challenging build so the results are well worth it.

Looking forward to the next one. 

Thank you Carl, not sure about the next one, I was preparing the 1/72 resin kits of a Gee Bee racer and a Doodlebug fuel transporter and also a 1/12 Tamiya Renault RE-20 formula one car, lets see...

Cheers Rob

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On 7/8/2023 at 10:18 PM, GazzaS said:

Nice job, Rob.  Are the SN-2, FuG-220 aerials metal pr plastic?  Part of the kit, or AM?

Thanks Gary, the antler antennas are from a Master set made in brass. The kit ones are not shabby, but the Master set is much finer and a bit more robust on such a prominent place.

Cheers Rob

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6 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Stunning result, Rob!  You have every reason to be incredibly proud. 

Thanks Ernie, I have to confess, I'm actually a bit proud to have pulled through with the build. It was not the easiest one, but motivating nonetheless. I always wanted a Nachtigall for my shelf, done now, check mark :D.

Cheers Rob

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Thank you Mike, the Arado was a bit like a thorn in the foot, it hurt as long as it was not finished somehow. Now I'm glad the Nachtigall is done and looks at least decent.

Cheers Rob

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6 hours ago, CANicoll said:

Rob, the Arado looks amazing and the work you did on the glazing really does show off well.  Have not gone through the WIP but she looks fantastic.

Muchas gracias mi amigo, After all the abuse, I did to the canopy glazing during the years of building the Arado, I'm really satisfied, that there are only minor blemishes to see. A shabby canopy would have made the Arado a bin diver, as this is clearly the focal point. Luckily, I got spared, but removing the masks in the end let my fingers tremble.

Cheers Rob

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