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Anagrand 1/72 Martin XB-51/Gilbert XF-120 finished


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Calling this one completed. A fairly simple build with the only problem being some warpage of the forward fuselage halves. I decided to depict the Gilbert XF-120 as seen in "Toward the Unknown". I think it was a very cool looking airplane and it's too bad both prototypes were lost. Since the a/c depicted in the movie had the tail cone mod, which the kit didn't have,  I had to scratch that using a couple of rocket bodies, putty and a lot of sanding/shaping. Nearly all the decals except for the "Gilbert XF-120" were from my decal stash. The "Gilbert XF-120" I made using my computer and laser printer. I used Alclad for most of the painting and some Mr. Color for the gray wing areas. I hope y'all like the results of my efforts! :)

Let me recommend again to click on the 1st photo for best resolution and to view as a slide show. :)

7-9-23 001.jpg

7-9-23 002.jpg

7-9-23 003.jpg

7-9-23 004.jpg

7-9-23 005.jpg

7-9-23 006.jpg

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2 hours ago, ScottsGT said:

Hey!   That’s a beauty!!  Never heard of that aircraft.  Odd looking bird, I like it! 

Thanks Scott. Unusual bird for sure. I've always liked it's looks and finally decided it was time to build the kit I'd had for YEARS. LOL :)

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